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Letter of Information
School Board Trustee Research Project



Our names are Drs. Adrienne Davidson, Myer Siemiatycki, and Michael McGregor. We are researchers at Ryerson University in the Department of Politics and Public Administration. Together with the Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC) and the Ministry of Education, we are undertaking a study of candidates for school board trustee. As a candidate in the upcoming election for school board trustee, we invite you to take part in our research study. We hope to learn more about school board candidates, including motivations for running and campaign experiences.


You are being asked to voluntarily complete an on-line survey. The survey includes questions about your motivations for running for Ontario School Board Trustee and your campaign experiences. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.  In order for all of your answers to be collected you must go to the end of the survey and click ‘submit survey’. This will demonstrate your full consent to participation.


There is no direct benefit to you for taking part in this study, but your perspective very is important to us.  We hope that research produced using the results of this study will improve our understanding of school board trustee candidates and their experiences running for office. We hope that the findings from this research will be used to develop important resources for candidates and voters in school board elections.


No known or anticipated risks have been identified. Some of the survey questions may make you uncomfortable or you may wish to not answer some questions.  You are free to decline to answer any questions, and you may withdraw from the study at any time simply by closing your browser. If you do not complete the survey or if you do not confirm your consent to participate by clicking the ‘submit’ button at the end of the survey, any information collected to that point will not be used.


The survey is anonymous and as such we will not be collecting information that will easily identify you, like your name or other unique identifiers. This survey uses QualtricsTM, which is a United States of American (USA) company. Consequently, USA authorities under the provisions of the Patriot Act may access the survey data. If you would rather participate with an email or paper-based survey please contact the researchers. While email/paper-based surveys may allow your identity to be known to the researcher/s; if you select this option your information will be kept private.

To further protect your information, data stored by the researcher will be password protected and/or encrypted. Only members of the Ryerson research team will have access to the raw data as collected; aggregate data (without personal identifiers) may be shared through research agreements, as governed by the Ryerson Research Ethics Board and privacy legislation. Any future publications will include collective information (i.e., aggregate data), and you will not be identified in any way.


Participation in research is completely voluntary and you can withdraw your consent at any point up to clicking the submit button at the end of the survey. Because the survey is anonymous, once you click the submit button at the end of the survey the researchers will not be able to determine which survey answers belong to you so your information cannot be withdrawn after that point. By clicking submit at the end of the study you are providing your consent for participation. By consenting to participate you are not waiving any of your legal rights as a research participant.


If you have any questions about this research, please feel free to contact the Dr. Adrienne Davidson – the project Research Director – at If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or the conduct of this study, you may contact the Ryerson Research Ethics Board at


I have read and understand the terms of the present consent form.  I have made this decision based on the information I have received about it, and I accept its stipulations.  I understand that by completing and submitting this electronic survey I am giving my consent to participate in this study according to the terms outlined above.

Please print a copy of this letter of consent for your records.